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Discover your passions and unleash your creativity with Moose Creates. This website is your gateway to exploring exciting new crafts and hobbies like woodworking, electronics, gardening, beekeeping, and more. .

What We Do...

We're growing a community of people who want to learn and grow
CNC Rotary Carving

CNC (Think robots)

Whether it's a spindle, a plasma cutter, 3D print head or laser, CNC controls it all.



We're noobs with tools. Learn with us as we learn new skills.


Gardening and Bees

Grow gardens with us and learn about the fascinating world of beekeeping.

3D printing groot

3D Printing

Exploring modeling and printing using printers that anyone can obtain.

moose - golden retriever and mascot

About Us

My name is Rob.  I’m a retired serial entrepreneur and I’ve always been involved with a large variety of hobbies.  The dog on the left is my dog named Moose.  I’ve decided he’s the perfect mascot for our community (yes, even dog training is a hobby). The goal is to spread the joy of learning about new hobbies and to build a community of people who like to learn and share also.

Client Testimonials

"Stupendous, Amazing, Astonishing, Incredible!"
Roget's Thesaurus
“Moose is a great dog.”
“He's a pretty good dog.”